Want to Close More Deals and Make More Sales?..

"Get A High Quality Business and Workshop In a Box PLR Package On and Evergreen Topic For Offline and Online Marketers"

Watch this Video to discover how you can show marketers how to sell their products and services using their own live workshop.

  • Market This Powerful PLR Video Course Under Your Own Name
  • Use The Selling Tools: Sales Video, Videos Sales Page, Video Mind Map
  • Deliver the TWO DFY Workshops To Build Maximum Trust and Profits

This Awesome Business In a Box Package Can Help You to Build Your Authority AND Profits

  • Deliver A Powerful Workshop Live In Person

    Use either one of the included DFY Workshops to deliver a trust building content rich Live In-Person Workshop

  • Drive Sales With Your Own Online Webinar

    Start closing more coaching and clients with our preset presentations using the webinar system of your choice.

  • Generate More High Targeted Leads With Our Article and E-Mail Content

    Mix and match our highly relevant and beautifully written content to generate more leads into your marketing funnel.

  • Establish Trust

    Provide Reliable High Quality Information and Content That Your Customers Can Use With Confidence

  • Be An Authority

    Create A Presence In Your Niche By Tailoring the Information To Their Specific Needs

  • Keep All of the Profit

    Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor…100% of All you Sell Is Yours!

  • Sell To Hungry Buyers

    Get Started With Topics That Marketers Have Proven They’ll Buy

  • Build Your List

    Use The Content As Bait To Build A Huge Responsive List

  • Crush It As An Affilaite

    Use Your Content As a High Quality Bonus for Relevant Offers

Announcing A Powerful Training Product With YOU As the Creator That You Can Teach, Train AND Sell In Any Way for 100% of the Profits.

Teach, Train and Sell To Buyers In-Person and Online

You’ve Seen that live events are now making a comeback among "guru" internet marketers.  They're now doing big events and small events, selling products and services at every level of pricing.

Why? Because it helps them to establish quick and evergreen rapport and trust.

And because all entrepreneurs are looking for ways to sell more of their products and services and to build a loyal following, you now have the perfect solution for them.  You'll be able to show them how they can set up their own workshop to sell the kind of solutions that they uniquely have.

This is now an exciting new way to build lists of loyal and hungry buyers for you to sell.

Become an Overnight Authority With Our UNIQUE and Simple To Use Selling & Branding Tools

Buyers Will Thank You Over and Over Again...

That means that marketers CAN’T have too many ways to get customers.  The fact of the matter is that the online marketplace is REALLY competitive. You are helping them to set themselves apart from the crown by building real genuine relationships of people who want to buy.

No more selling all of the valuable PLR products at a "wholesale" price.  You be teaching (and some of you will be learning) how you can find a market that values the information as well as the personal delivery.

This is a simple solution for any niche...

What would it be like if you could take every $17 PLR Product that you have on your hard drive and sell it for 3X, 4X or 5X as much?  What would it be like if you were their source and trusted advisor for internet marketing

But what if there was a solution to show your buyers very simply how they can do this themselves?  One where they could take any information product or even physical product and make it look good for an audience?  And what if YOU had the solution to sell?

You Can Now Teach, Train and Sell to Hungry Buyers Online, In Person, Locally AND Internationally...

  • 7,500 Word Marketing Your Business On YouTube Workshop in Presentation Slide Form
  • Script For Marketing Your Business On YouTube Webinars and Live Presentations
  • Companion Workbook With YouTube For Small Business Workshop
  • Technical Intensive YouTube Channel Set Up Workshop in Presentation Slide Form
  • Word for Word Script of the YouTube Channel Set Up Workshop
  • 15 Step By Step MP4 HD Videos
  • 15 Companion Mp3 Audios
  • 10 Profit Pulling Article Series
  • 5 Content Rich Content E-Mails
  • A Complete Set of Sales Materials and Sales Graphics Includind PSDs
  • Complete Set of HTML Sales, Upsell, Lead Magnet and Affiliate Pages

60+ Page DFY Workshop/Webinar
Brandable Presentation

Customizable Script

Customizable Workshop
Companion Workbook

Brandable, Clickable and
Customizable Mind Map

Intensive Over the Shoulder
"YouTube Channel Set Up" Workshop

Intensive Over the Shoulder
"YouTube Channel Set Up"
Workshop Script

Use Our Professionally Created
Graphics To Design Your Profits (PSD's Included)

Lead Magnet Presentation
"How to Make a Deep Connection
With Your Customer Online"

Brandable Customizable 15
Over The Shoulder Video Course
To Sell Or Use As Content

15 Companion Audios To The
Over The Shoulder Video Course

10 Direct To the Point
Content Rich Articles

5 Content Based E-Mails

Live Set Up and Sales Demonstration

SuperFast Action Bonus: Full Set of Customizable Sales Page, Upsell Page, Lead Magnet Page and Sales Page Templates

Sales Page

Upsell Page


Lead Magnet

Affiliate Page

Okay Charles, This is a Great Deal..What Can All I Do To Make Money With This Package?

  • CERTAINLY, You can and should use the course for your own business!
  • You'll Make Out Like A Bandit If You Sell It in Dime Sale Events...Go For It!
  • Be Adventurous...Change It Into a Physical Product and Sell It Offline or At a Seminar
  • Take Charge, put your name on it as the author
  • Don't worry..it's flexible, so you can change stuff to make it fit your individual business
  • While you're at it, if you need to change it into a book, a long video or long audio; be my guest; they call that repurposing these days.
  • I'm all for getting more money, so combine it with another product and sell it at a higher price
  • Live that "affiliate lifestyle", use this product as a bonus for your affiliate offer
  • Bonuses make products HOT, so use this as a bonus on your launch
  • I could say more, but check out the certificate inside!